#002 — MarshlandXplained

3 min readMay 16, 2021
LaunchX — a decentralized and fair blockchain-agnostic launchpad

LaunchX is a one-of-a-kind launchpad with a unique functionality and governance model previously unseen in the industry. The platform focuses on the issuance of tokens, cross-chain synthetic staking, NFT offerings, interoperability and more exciting cross-chain features in development.

LaunchX is bridging the crypto-world in a truly novel way


LaunchX is a multi-chain decentralized IDO launchpad platform, driving the next generation of projects to launch in an equitable and decentralized manner across multiple blockchains. It’s native to Binance Smart Chain, but has full cross-chain integration to facilitate Ethereum tools and DApps, allowing projects built on Ethereum to be easily ported to BSC and gain access to a wider audience.

Further cross-chain capabilities from leading chains are being developed:

LaunchX is community-driven, governance-based, and transparent. You can engage with the projects to dictate how they are launched (and if they will get launched at all). Not only are they unique in the fact that their launchpad allows multiple chains, but they also make the listing process in itself uniquely transparent and fair.

LaunchX Governance

Most centralized projects charge fees and just put those in their own pockets. LaunchX doesn’t. A vast majority of the fees are deposited into a vault and leveraged into passive APY strategies. Governance holders can then delegate their tokens for staking in exchange for a passive APY of the yield.

Want to read more about LaunchX’s governance? Head over to their Medium.

Marshland led the exclusive private round alongside some amazing funds

Marshland’s Vision

David Marshall, partner at Marshland, on LaunchX

“The LaunchX governance model allows for a transparent and fair listing process, targeting innovative projects with strong prospects and robust teams.”

If you’ve not taken advantage of the KuCoin BurningDrop and CyberFi Samurai Stakedrop, don’t worry — you can still whitelist on the LaunchX platform so you’re not too late to get your hands on some $LNCHX tokens!
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