Marshland x EQIFI

A Collaboration to Increase DeFi Accessibility and Drive Real-World Adoption

2 min readJun 7, 2021

We are very pleased to team up with EQIFI, a highly anticipated DeFi project of 2021.

Marshland x EQIFI

Exploding onto the DeFi scene this past year EQIFI is the first DeFi protocol powered by a fully licensed and regulated digital bank — EQIBank. They boast the unique value of providing banking services to over 180 countries around the world by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. EQIFI is positioned to become an industry world leader, helping to democratize financial products previously only available to the privileged few.

Working with EQIFI is a thrilling step forward for both companies as they continue to set new standards in the DeFi space.

Brad Yasar, CEO of EQIFI, commented:

“As DeFi projects and products mature, we hope to grow our relationship closer. Marshland’s vision aligns well with EQIFI’s goals, and we are excited about teaming up with them.”

EQIFI’s infrastructure is optimized for real-time digital interactions, placing the project at the forefront of embracing today’s ever-demanding culture that wishes to adopt the evolution of digital technologies.

Commenting on this latest announcement, EQIFI Chairman Jason Blick said:

“Since our launch, we’ve seen unprecedented demand. EQIBank is delighted to power the EQIFi platform. We already have an extraordinary number of clients ready to utilize our Fixed Rate and Variable Rate Loans, our Yield Aggregator investment protocol, and our Interest Rate Swaps — first in DeFi!

Working with Marshland is another step in solidifying EQIFI as a major player in the DeFi space.”

In addition to Jason Blick’s comments, Marshland Capital Partner David Marshall added:

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months.


EQIFI is a decentralized protocol for pooled lending, borrowing, and investing for ETH, ERC-20 tokens including wBTC, Stablecoins, and select fiat currencies. It provides a single uniform platform for DeFi products with access to bank accounts, custody, debit and credit cards, OTC, and wealth management.*

By harnessing the power of DeFi technology, EQIFI is positioned to become an industry world leader. In addition, through blockchain technology, EQIFI democratizes financial products previously only available to the privileged few.