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3 min readMay 13, 2021

SingularityDAO is a new initiative that brings DeFi and decentralized AI together in an innovative framework aimed at radically increasing the liquidity available to crypto assets of all types and sizes. SingularityDAO leverages this liquidity to create financial value and facilitate growth for utility-token-based technology projects.

It’s part of SingularityNET ($AGI), which you will most likely recognize as the team behind Sophia (Hanson Robotics).


SingularityNET is a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol and the first (and only) decentralized platform allowing AIs to cooperate and coordinate at scale, removing one of the major limiting factors to AI growth today — the lack of interoperability — which severely restricts the ability to leverage the strengths and capabilities of individual AIs.

SingularityNET enables anyone to take advantage of a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents. No longer must AI technology exist in silos, only capable of operating within a specific company, infrastructure, or industry.

Their technologies are pushing to technological singularity, where AI (and other technologies) are advancing faster than human beings can comprehend. If this gets done right, it will deliver more benefits to the human species than we can ever imagine.

Let’s go back to SingularityDAO and why we believe in this project.


SingularityDAO is a layer-2 noncustodial DeFi solution that allows members to manage dynamic token sets (called DynaSets) consisting of a bundle of utility tokens. These DynaSets are somewhat parallel to ETFs in traditional finance. Tokens that have limited liquidity on their own become easier to trade when aggregated into sets. On top of these token-sets, SingularityDAO enables yield farming and futures-based hedging features.

The core purpose of SingularityDAO is to make it more beneficial and less risky to hold collections of utility tokens that individually have only modest liquidity, opening the flow of capital to innovative projects. SingularityDAO is designed to leverage AI at multiple levels: AI manages dynamic token-sets, executes predictive market-making strategies to provide liquidity for these token-sets on DEXs, and predictively models hedging strategies.

With SingularityDAO, those who want to ride the cutting edge in crypto can invest in an AI-managed, constantly adapting index of digital assets, allowing them to avail of the opportunity presented by crypto with a minimum of their time. With AI making the million individual decisions that would otherwise bog a human investor down, the human investors are free to do more research on the crypto of their choice.

This is a massive win for the everyday retail investor.

Want to know more? We recommend watching Dr. Ben Goertzel’s keynote:

Marshland’s Vision

David Marshall, partner at Marshland, on SingularityDAO

We constantly strive to support projects, teams, and people of innovation and we want to contribute to the ecosystem whenever boundaries are being pushed and great innovators & inspirational leaders exist.

Today marked the last day of SingularityDAO’s Public Governance Generation Event. For more info on what’s next, head over to their official channels: