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3 min readJun 5, 2021

Manifold Finance is a multi-protocol middleware solution to improve connectivity between DeFi products.

Manifold’s current ‘showpiece’ is YCabal.


YCabal is an aggregation strategy that leverages a mix of MEV (Miner Extracted Value) and smart contract techniques to prioritize transactional order flow. It mainly protects users from exploitative on-chain arbitrage. This will decrease gas costs, reduce sandwich attacks, and prevent frontrunners from targeting user transactions at all.

The result? Near-zero gas fees and significantly fewer failed transactions.

It gets its name from the original ‘Backbone Cabal’, a scaling solution back in the mid 1980’s USENET days.

YCabal uses services like FlashBots, KeeperDAO, and ArcherDAO to provide transaction settlement. One can think of it as like 1inch, but for MEV services. It is focused on the Yearn Ecosystem, where founder and CEO Sam Bacha has already contributed much to in the past.

For more technical details, visit this helpful article.

YCabal will be integrated in Sushi.com this month. The public beta will be rolled out June 16 (to select trading pairs) on SushiSwap. Somewhere in July, it should be fully live, and Manifold will then start deploying more technology stacks.

Manifold’s governance system allows participants to buy into their technology and benefit from the strategies in a way you can generate passive yield, while also engaging with the governance process that drives these integrations. Profit generated from the strategies will be split between end users, Manifold Governance, and miners.

A huge advantage for developers is that Manifold gives them plug and play access and helps with bug resolution in real time.

Marshland x Manifold

Here’s what David Marshall and Matthew Land, partners at Marshland, had to say about Manifold:

Marshland also co-led the strategic investment round together with P2P. You can read more about the private raise in this Bloomberg article.

We believe Manifold Finance will have significant impact on DeFi.

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